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Utilizing my life experiences, I have a desire to bring back the true Gentleman’s “Code of Dress” – which covers lifestyle, conversation, health, mannerisms, chivalry and etiquette. I’m a national comedian, author, actor and budding entrepreneur introducing my new sock line.  My thought process about socks and the “Gentlemen’s Code of Dress” is simple…. Look good, Smell good and Feel good.


Without any real experience in the fashion business…but with my passion and great ideas, I partnered with Ascend Athletix to begin working on my own Sock Line. I knew exactly what I wanted and now the product is finally here! I’ve design my own colorful, yet professional & stylish designs, and I look forward to personally helping YOU STEP UP your “Sock Game”.


SHIPPING:  We ship out your sock order within 48-72 hours there is a flat rate shipping fee of $5.00 (no matter how many socks you buy)


SOCK KING MEMBERSHIP:  My VIP Sock Membership allows you VIP access to my new custom designs. With the sock membership you’ll get one free pair of socks (per month) You also get a personal one-on-one sock shopping experience with “me” the “Sock King”.  Become a Sock King Sock member and let me change your life with socks!






               “                                                                                                    When the pants leg goes up, the

                                                                                                              conversation goes down” ~ Tone-X



"God is in the details" ~ Tone-X


Entertaining With Chef Monica TV Show with Co-Host Tone-X


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